Medium Rugs

Medium rugs can accent colours in the room, or add warmth, depth, texture and style. They can be used in rooms that are not too small but not too large, or in large rooms that have lots of furniture that needs to be worked around. For this reason, they are some of the most versatile rugs around, and asa long as they are proportional to the space they are in, they will look excellent. Their popularity also comes in the fact they are large enough to be practical in terms of warmth and comfort underfoot, but small enough to not overpower a room. Mediums rugs are considered to be greater than 90 x 150cm, and up to 140 x 200 cm.

Medium rugs can enhance the look of a hardwood floor. They will add colour or patterns without completely covering it, and without overwhelming the room too much and making it look crowded. On any floor, a medium rug provides colour to be accented, as well as warmth, visual depth and texture underfoot. They are popular in bedrooms and lounges as well as heavy footfall areas like kitchens or hallways for their stylistic and practical benefits, including protecting a floor and preventing dirt from spreading.

There are modern manufacturing techniques that allow different textures to be created to your taste, as well as tufted, carved or round options. co-friendly rugs are also available in recycled materials that allow extra durability in a conservatory or porch - these styles are much more widely available in medium sized rugs due to their popularity, and provide yet another reason to buy one of this size.

Furniture groupings are best complimented by medium rugs, as they are proportional to the size of many sofas. This helps create a space especially for socialising. As rugs can often come in various sizes, you can create a matching look in different parts of the room or different rooms of the house too. An example is placing a larger rug in the middle of the floor, an extra small one in front of a fireplace, and a medium one in front of the doorway - this will help tie the room together well. Most of our rugs are available in multiple sizes per design to help you achieve this.

Please see our wide range of rugs, available in different types, sizes, shapes and colours, and find which would be best for your home.

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