Small Rugs

Small rugs can accent colours in the room, or add warmth, depth, texture and style. They can be used in small rooms, or in front of sinks or baths, or if it comes to it, they can cover up unremovable stains. Doorways and porches that experience large footfall are also uses for small rugs, and we recommend them to help prevent the spreading of dirt and reduce impact on the floor underneath. Small refers to rugs that are above 70 x 140cm and up to 90 x 150cm.

Small rugs are great for adding character, and do this moreso than larger ones. They appear more traditional and homely rather than modern, but have the same ability to reduce dirt spreading in a room and improve the ability of different colours to come together. A rug colour that doesn’t match any other decor will look out of place, so ensure you have ornaments or furniture that help it fit in.

Although they are small, these rugs can also be thick or made of a natural material, meaning they are just as hardwearing as larger rugs, expect in a smaller space. This size allows for greater flexibility as well considering they fit into more rooms and more spaces within a room, giving you greater creativity when redecorating.

As rugs can often come in various sizes, you can create a matching look in different parts of the room or different rooms of the house. You can also use multiple small rugs to do this in a large room that has lots of furniture and prevents you from using larger singular rugs. An example is placing a larger rug in the middle of the floor, an extra small one in front of a fireplace, and a small one in front of the doorway - this will help tie the room together well.

We recommend using small rugs on hardwood flooring, as it will add a hint of colour without covering up the beauty of your floor, especially if you have just purchased it from us! Patterns also look better on smaller varieties, as to much pattern can be overwhelming. Small patterns are just right, adding style to your taste without making it overcrowded. Odd spaces are covered with small rugs, as well as unremovable stains and that space next to your bed where your feet need to be comforted after just waking up. Please see our wide range of rugs here to find the next best thing for your home.

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