Modern Rugs

Modern rugs are practical and stylish, and make up a large percentage of our rug options. Modern rugs are most commonly patterned and feature designs due to the low and dense pile that allows for clearer pictures than on shaggy rugs. Although these rugs aren’t as thick as our shaggy varieties, they will not visibly deteriorate like a shaggy rug, on which the pile can flatten and look worn, particularly with high footfall. Modern rugs are safe in this sense, and are great for tying together different themes in a room - please see our full range for inspiration on your room’s decor.

Practically, a rug can help you save on heating bills thanks to the warmth they create underfoot. A rug acts as an insulator - particularly thicker varieties - meaning the warmth in a room is retained for longer and spreads across the surrounding flooring too. If you have high heating bills, these can be reduced by up to 30%, and the cold and hard feeling of tiles, stone or wood underfoot can be eliminated.

As wood floors cannot facilitate underfloor heating, we definitely recommend a rug to compliment these, as well as in terms of style. A rug completes a floor, adding contrasting colour that can be accented by other colours in the room and bring it all together. It can also fill empty space and make a room seem more homely. The comfort of a rug underfoot additionally helps this, helping you relax and wind down after a long day. This is particularly useful in an area of grouped furniture, such as sofas, chairs and a coffee table, in which a rug helps create an area for socialising. A rug better defines this area and suits the atmosphere of having company.

Another practical benefit is the ability to use these rugs in high footfall homes, including those with children and pets. The pile is less likely to become damaged by pet claws, dirt and general use, and any use would be less visible than on a shaggy rug. These rugs are the best for homes that are unpredictable or uncontrollable, but we would recommend darker colours for those who cant clean as often as they would like in such environments so dirt is better hidden.

Stylistically, themes can be tied together well by a modern rug, as they have a wide variety of patterns, contemporary designs and vibrant to neutral colours to choose from. You can match high class decor this way, create minimalistic designs, or match floral designs on wallpaper for example. This allows you to be creative, unique and ad your own personal touch. We also sell bordered modern rugs, which can create subtle colour palettes that can accent other shades in the room and create a modern or low key look. See our patterned rugs for something more attention grabbing too; shaggy rugs are often better for grabbing attention, but the practical benefits of a modern rug are often better for your home - in this situation, a modern patterned rug is perfect.

Please see our wide range of modern rugs and decide whether a plain, patterned or uniquely designed rug is best for your home!

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