Patterned Rugs

Patterned rugs are those that incorporate designs or pictures, varying from floral to geometric, and complex abstract designs. Patterned rugs can be simple with borders, one colour, two colours or multiple colours, allowing you to better accent them with other decor in the room. Rugs are the best way to introduce patterns into your home as they take up a small amount of space compared to wallpaper for example, and don’t crowd a room. Please view our range of varied patterned rugs below to find one for your home.

In each rug, harmony, balance or contrast is created in the colours, with the design being regular, random or abstract. This allows for an endless combination of options, meaning there will without a doubt be a patterned rug suitable for your room. Generally, rugs with multiple colours and abstract or regular patterns are more modern, whereas floral and other picture designs are vintage but not outdated. Whichever you choose, to ensure your home doesn’t look outdated or overcrowded, refrain from using too many patterns elsewhere in the room. Matching aspects can be incorporated, such as wallpaper, but ensure the rest of the room’s decor is plain. Even if plain, contrasting shades or identical colours will compliment your rug best.

Patterns are common mostly on modern and traditional rugs. Traditional rugs opt for a classic border with central symmetrical patterns and are mostly red, beige and black, whereas modern rugs opt for more picture designs and come in a wider variety of colours. We also stock children’s rugs which have patterns that are cartoon like and child friendly, stimulating their imagination during play. If you are worried about a pattern being too much, opt for a plain colour rug with a carved pattern for example, or a pattern that uses only one or two colours. Shaggy rugs are less likely to have patterns on them due to the pile making designs less clear - they instead offer simple patterns if any, and create depth in the process.

The versatility of patterns on our rugs ensures there will be one for your home, no matter the decor or your taste.

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