Plain Rugs

Plain rugs are those that have no pattern to design, and rather just a block colour. This is ideal for those wanting to create a minimalist theme, looking for a subtle floor space filler, or alternatively wanting a bold statement making piece. There are many uses for plain rugs - it all depends how the colour fits in with the rest of your decor or the room’s theme. Do not confuse plain for boring - the lack of complexity makes way for greater diversity of textures and accompanying furnishings.

By using a single colour, you are removing limitations and templates in your home. This is because a greater number of colours suit a plain rug than a patterned one, and different shaped or sized rugs are easier to use without risk of being overwhelming. One single colour has the power to lighten or darken a room and alter its perceived size, jazz up a plain room or tone down a busy room. In busy rooms with plenty of patterns or furniture, plain rugs offer serenity and harmony between different pieces, making them stand out more attractively than jarringly. Small or dull rooms that need improving require brighter, more reflective rugs made from viscose or polyester. These are also cheap enough for any budget. In high footfall spaces where there is dirt, try a darker plain rug, whilst considering other decor in the room when deciding on the exact colour to use. Lower pile also helps with high footfall areas, as longevity will be greater. Finally, high pile and shaggy rugs will accentuate depth and heighten comfort, being attractive to the eye and comfortable underfoot.

Although consistency is offered in colour, variations are present in material, weave and carving for example, meaning you could find 5 blue similar shaded rugs can all be different. This is why we recommend reading the product specifications on each option before making a decision. These differences can affect how captivating a rug is, as well as price. Plain rugs can be hand made or machine made, with hand made versions having much more effort and time put into the production, sometimes with charming human error, but always with uniqueness - no hand made rug is the same. Wool rugs will differ greatly to shaggy rugs that are plain white for example, and are suitable in different environments and have different lifespans. Carved rugs allows for a rug to be plain in colour, yet contain a subtle pattern that can intrigue guests and improve a plain aesthetic without ruining it. Please browse our large range to see what other options we have available.

Material is the most distinct difference between plain rugs. Modern viscose fabrics make for soft, plush rugs that are velvety to the touch. They reflect light well and are best therefore in metallic and jewell colours or for adding brightness to a dull or dark room. A coarse natural material like sisal or jute helps in a rustic themed room, and can be placed over a fitted carpet or in high footfall areas like hallways. Under a coffee table these work too, and are highly effective at trapping dirt and resits stains better than other materials. Shaggy rugs are thick and add depth and texture to a room - they were popular in the 70s too if you are looking to create a vintage theme.

Overall, if you wish to add either a vibrant and energising piece to your home, or a calm and relaxing one, our plain rugs can do the job. Choose a colour and shape from our collection below to best compliment your room and add a splash of colour to your flooring.

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