Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs are perfect for practical and stylistic reasons, and are a favourite amongst our customers. Shaggy refers to the density and length of the pile on a rug - the fibres that stick up from the backing. On shaggy rugs, these fibres are very long, meaning a shaggy rug is often thicker, but the pile is less dense than on other rugs. This means it is much more comfortable to walk on and is highly relaxing to rest your feet on when lounging on the couch. See our wide range of colours, sizes, shapes and designs below to find which is perfect for your home.

Practically, a shaggy rug can help you save on heating bills thanks to the warmth they create underfoot. A rug acts as an insulator - particularly thick shaggy varieties - meaning the warmth in a room is retained for longer and spreads across the surrounding flooring too. If you have high heating bills, these can be reduced by up to 30%, and the cold and hard feeling of tiles, stone or wood underfoot can be eliminated.

As wood floors cannot facilitate underfloor heating, we definitely recommend a rug to compliment these, as well as in terms of style. A rug completes a floor, adding contrasting colour that can be accented by other colours in the room and bring it all together. It can also fill empty space and make a room seem more homely. The comfort of a shaggy rug underfoot additionally helps this, helping you relax and wind down after a long day. This is particularly useful in an area of grouped furniture, such as sofas, chairs and a coffee table, in which a rug helps create an area for socialising. A rug better defines this area and suits the atmosphere of having company.

Although shaggy rugs are recommended in furniture groupings, it is important to rotate a shaggy rug often due to its high pile to prevent damage when placed underneath sofa legs for example. These can cause unsightly markings, so ensure you don’t allow furniture to touch the rug, or otherwise rotate it often. Children, pets or high footfall may also flatten a shaggy rug, so place them in low footfall areas or make them off limits to children and pets if possible.

Our shaggy rugs come in a variety if colours and styles, but we would recommend richer and bolder colours for the best effect as the colour is emphasised by the texture and depth that the pile creates. Patterns can also wash together and be less defined, so less intricate designs are found in this category - if you are looking for a minimal or simplistic pattern, this is the place to be!

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