Thick Rugs

Thick rugs have higher pile height than average, at 14-20mm, but aren’t the thickest of our options. They are superior to thinner and thicker rugs in many ways, mostly related to practicality as well as style. Thickness refers to the pile height and density, except in traditional rugs, where it refers to density alone due to the way they are made.

Thick rugs are better than thinner ones, as they provide more warmth and comfort underfoot, helping save on energy bills, add texture and character to a room, and create a homely and relaxing feel. Whether you are just getting out of bed, or coming home after a long day, a thick rug will make you feel safe and at home. They are also comfier to sit on if you have children or just like to relax on the floor, however they will wear down if they are the shaggy variety, so we would recommend modern thick rugs if you will be getting more use out of the rug. Non-shaggy thick rugs have high pile height that can absorb wear and tear, making them last longer than thinner ones, and maintain their appearance for longer. Shaggy thick rugs are mostly a stylistic feature that are nice to gently place your feet on whilst on a couch for example rather than for heavy use - this will ensure they last as long as possible.

Despite this, there are extra thick options which have the advantage of being much warmer, comfier and even longer lasting. They are however more expensive for these reasons, and can add too much depth to a room for some people’s tastes. These options provide a nice middle ground that is both functional and attractive, yet within an affordable price range.

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