Thin Rugs

These rugs are thinner than others due to their slim pile on the surface of the rug. This makes all the products extremely lightweight and flexible, with the main advantage being the ease in which furniture can be slid on top of them. This is ideal, for example, in dining room scenarios where you want a table and chairs to have added comfort underneath, or in living rooms where a sofa or coffee table would look better with a rug to accompany them. They are also child friendly in comparison to thicker rugs as sliding toys over them is easier. Thicker rugs are less useable in all these situations as the pile will not move and would concede more damage from being used int his manner.

Despite the fact these are the thinnest rugs we sell, do not let this deceive you in terms of quality. All rugs we stock are woven using the most up to date technology and techniques to make sure durability is just as good as - if not better than - thicker varieties.

Use thinner rugs if you have underfloor heating, as they will allow the heat to come through better to your home than a thicker rug that would be somewhat preventative. They are also useful in spring or summer months where a thicker rug would be too warm for your comfort. If not for warmth and comfort, rugs can also help tie together a theme or colour scheme, or hide markings on a damaged floor.

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