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Lacquered Solid Hardwood Flooring

A lacquered finish is the most popular on the market. It is known as the modern varnished finish, and protects from spillages by creating a protective film over the wood surface. It stops spillages seeping in to the floor, giving them a much longer life, and also creates an attractive shine.

Why Choose A Lacquered Solid Wood Floor?

A lacquered finish is eye-catching, attractive and practical. This would explain its popularity, and ability to fit into modern and traditional decors. There are gloss, semi-gloss and matt lacquers that determine the shine of the floor, so be sure to order free samples to find which is preferable to you.

The shine of a lacquered floor makes it easy to clean, meaning there will be no hours of scrubbing that is inconvenient for those with busy lives. We also recommend this finish in high traffic areas for this reason. The shine also helps create a positive atmosphere in your home by reflecting natural light. Natural light can be prevented from damaging your floor with a UV filter which is built into some of our products.

Although more resistant to spillages, lacquer does not make a floor 100% waterproof. For this reason, we suggest reading our maintenance guide found on each product page under the installation tab for instructions on how to best look after your floor. Clean up spillages as soon as they occur.


For alternatives, try brushed and lacquered varieties, or an oiled floor that protects by seeping into the floor instead of creating a film.

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