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Solid Oiled Oak Wood Flooring

Oiled flooring is a popular option that offers protection to your floor. An oil is applied that seeps into the wood, providing protection both on the surface layer and within, helping your floor last longer and need much less maintenance over time.

Why Oiled Solid Wood Flooring?

An oiled floor, unlike the alternative lacquer, will seep into the floor so that protection is offered whilst the original look of the floor is retained. Other finishes can also be combined with this, such as brushed or smoked, reassuring you that the look you have paid for will last decades, giving you excellent value for money. The oiling also adds a homely and cosy atmosphere, due to the charming natural texture remaining visible.

Over time, the oil may wear away, but this is easily fixed with a re-oiling, and no sanding is required to do this. That being said, if you do sand your floor, be sure to re-oil it afterwards.


A lacquer can also offer protection to your floor, but instead leaves a shiny film on the surface, and no internal protection is provided. This creates a less natural look that some people prefer. You may also buy an unfinished floor so you can oil it yourself, or buy an oiled floor with an additional brushed finish for example to better suit your preferences.

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