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Solid Unfinished Wood Flooring

These floors have no finish applied. This means they are the in their most natural state and offer the most authentic natural look possible, yet offer no protection. We therefore recommend using these in low footfall homes without pets. Alternatively, you may finish the floor by yourself at home, allowing for greater personalisation, and an opportunity for DIY. We recommend finishing an unfinished floor yourself or getting a professional to help to ensure the floor lasts a long time and gives you good value for money.

Why Unfinished Solid Wood Flooring?

An unfinished floor is in its most natural state, meaning if you are a purist or prefer traditional looks, unfinished floors will be appealing to you. Also, for any DIY enthusiasts or those who wish to personalise their home to otherwise unavailable specifications, an unfinished floor can easily be finished at home by either yourself or a professional. We recommend adding a protective invisible oil to best retain the look yet add protection to ensure the floor lasts a long time. Other finishes you may chose from include lacquers and stains, and you can find finishing products in the accessories section of our website.

Unfinished floors tend to look less uniform and mass produced in comparison to pre-finished floors too, due to the sanding that occurs on site. This produces minor variations in look and texture, meaning a rugged and unique farmhouse feel is achieved that pre-finished options cannot reproduce.


For an unfinished look, buy a floor from our invisible oiled engineered section. This will offer protection, and retain the natural look provided the oil is the only finish applied.

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