Click Solid Oak Wood Flooring

Click installation works best for those who want a quick and easy installation method. It works by a ‘male’ profile and ‘female’ profile joining together - each board has both on differing sides so they can be laid in whichever order or direction you like. Because of this joining method, the boards join tightly together, improving appearance, and they also don’t require glue or nails.

Choice of tongue and groove or click often depends on personal preference, so please look into these further before deciding on a floor if you will be installing it yourself. Aside from this, availability of that method with the chosen floor and the slight differences in functionality are also deciding factors.

Click is said to be an improvement on tongue and groove, as glue or nails are not required, so installation is much easier, less time consuming, less expensive in terms of adhesives for example. Not using these also leaves less potential for errors. It can also be taken up and re-laid easily due to this and the way the floors join together. This is useful for correcting mistakes whilst laying the floor, replacing damaged planks, or accessing the subfloor when spillages occur. That being said, spillages are highly unlikely to seep through thanks to the tight joining of the boards.

There are disadvantages however - as it is a new innovation, flooring options are much more limited in terms of finish, style, colour and other specifications. We try to stock a wide range so there is something for everyone however, so please order free samples of all our options to see which is right for you.

Guides on installing click floors are available on each product page under the ‘installation’ tab. It is extremely easy for any DIY enthusiast or beginner to fit click flooring - we recommend a floating floor for the floors in this range.

We recommend using an underlay under any click floor, as this can cushion it as well as extend the life of the floor by 15 years. We also recommend a concrete subfloor with a damp proof membrane over it (sometimes included within the underlay) for best results and greater longevity.

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