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1 Strip (Single Plank) Solid Wood Flooring

Single strip flooring is the most popular version of solid wood flooring that people consider the standard, often unaware of the name. Simply, this flooring consists of long wooden planks laid side by side and staggered to start at different points.

These floors are popular for their simplicity, traditional look and easy installation. As all the boards are the same length, they can help a room look more proportional and spacious as opposed to multi-strip flooring or parquet, that can sometimes have the opposite effect. It is less niche in its style that these options too, and as a result is agreeable to guests and safe for those who wish to sell their home in future.

An advantage of its popularity is the fact there are many different options available, from different wood species, to different finishes, cut styles, grading and shades. There is something for all tastes as a result. Please order free samples to see which would be best suited to your needs.

It is most common for boards in this category to have tongue and groove joints, which makes for easy installation if you wish to do this yourself, as well as a more sturdy floor once installed. Single strip floors are also more often thinner than multi-strip floors, but can range anywhere from 70-180mm.

Single strip floors with decorative beveled edges can look more stylish, natural and add depth to a room, whereas square edged options can provide a more flat finish where boards touch at the ends. Square edges also make for easier cleaning, but it depends on the taste of the home-owner.

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