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Bevelled Edge Solid Wood Flooring

Looking for a totally natural product with boundless charisma? Look no further than our solid bevelled edge wood flooring. Each plank on each of these floors is has 4V grooves, characterised by a noticeable indentation or sloping effect at each side of each plank. This prevents planks from lying flush, and instead gives them an individual look that is both endearing and characterful. The heightened authenticity and unmistakable style makes this kind of solid wood flooring a popular choice in home and commercial spaces alike, as well as for the durability and incredible lifespan. If you wish for a traditional and charming look with unmatched performance, these floors are the perfect choice for you.

The Benefits

There are many functional and aesthetic benefits to this type of flooring. Firstly, each sloped edge allows for a pronounced plank, drawing even more attention to the authenticity and quality of your product, showcasing to all in the room that you have style and taste. Secondly, the tactile sensation of each plank is intensified due to the 4V grooves, creating a feeling of depth and rusticity with every footstep. As for practicality, the installation process is made much easier by the bevels – any imperfections from laying will be less noticeable, allowing for a greater margin of error and the confidence to self-install whilst still achieving stunning results.

The Choice

Our incredible range of stock is available over three different species, allowing for greater variety than our rivals. Each floor has been specially examined and chosen by our flooring experts to give something for everyone, without cutting back on quality. So, whether you prefer the classic oak, elegant and deep tones of walnut, or the complex and artistic acacia, you are sure to find your perfect floor here.

We also offer plenty of shades, finishes and plank dimensions to ensure your room size, home layout and the varied tastes of those in your home can be accounted for. Please order our free samples to ensure you are making the right choice and to see how each floor looks in person.

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