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Random Length Solid Wood Flooring

Random length solid wood flooring is guaranteed to invite boundless durability and character into your home. With each board cut to different lengths, no plank will be similar to the last, creating an effect of organised spontaneity, and showcasing the individual beauty of each board. You are sure to appreciate the wood more this way, and your floor will tell a story with each natural irregularity. One of the highlights of random length flooring is the ability to install it in the arrangement you like best, allowing for a bespoke and unique aesthetic. This outstanding personality is complimented by the practical elements of solid wood flooring, including durability, gorgeous 100% natural grain and a minimum 25 year lifespan which is extending by sanding.

The Benefits

Many people wish for an old fashioned or rustic look, but don’t want to the surface of the wood itself to appear too old fashioned or rustic. This sounds impossible to achieve, but random lengths make it possible; the appearance of a vintage home but as it would have been at the time of building, rather than after generations of wear and tear. There is a vintage regal quality in this sense, and this is why these floors are so popular amongst our customers. Random length boards are also popular for their lower price in comparison to fixed length alternatives, due to the lack of waste and manual labour needed in cutting planks to a precise length. The lack of waste in turn makes these floors more eco-friendly than fixed length floors, creating even greater appeal for random length wood.

The Choice

Because we love to spoil you at Luxury Flooring, we have worked hard to provide a wide range of options suited to all tastes. You will find classic oak and eye-catching acacia options here in a variety of finishes and dimensions, made specifically to take your breath away and provide incredible quality for a lifetime of use. Please order free samples and take a look at our accompanying accessories to perfectly finish off your flooring.

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