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Solid Hardwood Oak Flooring

The floors in this collection are solid wood floors that are neither structured not parquet. They are simply solid wood planks cut to size, without any artificial production involved. If you prefer more patterned and block floors over planks, see the parquet section. If you prefer a fully solid floor that is layered in the same way as engineered flooring, see the structured solid wood section. For all other solid wood floors, you are in the right place.

All our floors in this section are single-strip, meaning they consist of long planks laid side by side, staggered to start at differing points. This is the most popular and classic style of wood flooring. The boards are all the same length and will help a room look more spacious as opposed to other plank styles.

Solid wood is superior to engineered wood in that it can be sanded and re-finished a large number of times, depending on the thickness of the planks. Some floors can be sanded up to 8 times, and as sanding tends to be needed only every 15 years, this has excellent implications for the lifetime of your floor! In addition, as many of the floors in this collection are oak, there are therefore many colours and finishes available due to the versatility of this species. Oak is also extremely durable, and said to look better over time, aging like a fine wine.

Solid hardwood flooring will last a lifetime, so we want you to be happy with your decision - try as many free samples as you like to see which solid oak product would be best for you.

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