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Square Edge Solid Wood Flooring

Square edge solid wood flooring is ideal for achieving pristine results with the practicality for daily life. Square edge refers to the seamless perpendicular edges that join planks together, as opposed to a bevel that gives each plank an individual look. Each board has to be crafted with painstaking accuracy for the square edge to be achieved, which is why we only stock the highest quality wood from our suppliers. Choosing square edge flooring means each plank will work in harmony to create a flawlessly smooth floor, and an immaculate aesthetic that fits well in modest and affluent homes alike. No matter which category your home falls under, solid wood flooring is sure to improve aesthetics greatly. With the 100% natural provision of durability and style, it isn’t difficult to work out why solid wood has never gone out of style, and is guaranteed to become the envy of neighbours and friends.

The Benefits

Aside from the elegant aesthetics, the practicalities of square edge solid wood flooring are lesser discussed. In comparison to beveled edges, crumbs and other debris have nowhere to become trapped, allowing for much easier and stress-free cleaning. Hygiene vastly improves as a result, giving you peace of mind that your family and pets won’t be in contact with the associated bacteria and allergens. Solid wood flooring is also remarkably long lasting, with a standard 25 year lifespan, extending with each time the floor is sanded down.

The Choice

We have handpicked a variety of species that we know our customers love, including timeless oak and the dark and unique merbau. Take a look through the various shades, dimensions, and finishes to find the perfect option for you, and order as many free samples as you like to make sure you get it right.

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