Structured Solid Hardwood Flooring

Structured solid wood flooring combines the best of both worlds when it comes to solid and engineered flooring. It uses strips of flooring as engineered flooring would, but unlike engineered flooring, these strips are made up of solid wood only. They have been finger jointed and glued together, as opposed to using a solid wood layer on a wood fibre layered base as in engineered floors.

A benefit of these floors is that they are long-lasting, and much less susceptible to changes in size and shape in humid or wet climates compared to other solid wood floors. This makes them better suited to unpredictable environments, but still not perfectly. Structured solid wood is suitable for kitchens for example, where solid wood is typically not found, but still not better in bathrooms than engineered, laminate of LVT floors.

Through looks alone, it is impossible to tell whether a floor is solid, structured or engineered wood, so with all options you get the same aesthetic benefits of wood flooring, but with functionality more suitable to different environments. An advantage structured flooring has over engineered is the fact it doesn’t absorb water as quick or deform as much in humid or wet conditions. It can be sanded less than regular solid wood though, matching most engineered floors at 4-5 times in a lifetime.

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