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Light & Pale Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood that is lighter in shade can brighten up a room, making it appear more open, welcoming and large in size. This makes them useful in small rooms that are cramped and unwelcoming, including offices, hallways and box bedrooms. Light shades can include natural wood colours, or white and light grey alternatives, so there is something for every taste and decor in this collection.

White floors can be used to create monochrome themes in a room, or add something unique and modern, yet still retaining just enough traditional qualities. Grey can also add modernity and elegance. A wood shade can still appear modern as traditionally darker shades were more commonly used, and give a clean effect with contemporary and sleek appeal. Unfinished floors are also included in light flooring, so you can add a darker stain if you later decide this would be more appropriate.

Lighter wood floors are extremely popular, and often the choice of industry experts, interior designers and those who generally desire a more open and modern space. They are common in commercial environments too, in terms of making a space seem more positive and welcoming. For the most complimentary look, we recommend contrasting a light floor with dark furniture, and ensuring each item of furniture is suited to each other too.

We recommend ordering free samples to test how that floor looks in your room before buying, to make sure you are choosing the right shade for that environment. Natural light in the room plays a role, as well as other decor and personal taste, so feel free to order as many samples as you need.

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