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Solid Acacia Hardwood Flooring

Acacia flooring is extremely good value given its durability. Although a less common option, your flooring will be much more unique compared to others, and equally beautiful. Its beauty lies in its smooth grain, bold shade, shade variation, and varied knot sizes.

Acacia's light and dark shades combined with small and large knots, as well as a bold overall look, causes a room to have personality. It can also add character with its unique grain pattern, and is sure to grab the attention of anyone in its presence.

Acacia is harder than walnut, but softer than sandalwood, which makes it cheap enough for your pocket yet hard enough for most homes. It is also less likely to mark and scuff than less durable woods, and if such damage does occur, the varied and unique design of acacia will hide this quite well.

Solid acacia comes in short planks due to the dimensions of the tree. Shorter planks help it remain a stable option, but if you prefer longer planks, see our engineered options.

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