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Solid Oak Wood Flooring

Solid Oak is the most popular solid flooring material worldwide. As a durable, relatively inexpensive and versatile wood, this is no surprise. With the differing finishes, grain patterns and board widths, you are guaranteed to find a style of oak flooring to your taste here.

The ability of oak to offer so many different specification options comes partly from its ability to stain easily. This means many colours can be added through staining and colouring techniques, so whether you desire a grey, white, black, darker or lighter brown floor, there is an oak option available. This allows you to create many different styles and atmospheres, showing how solid oak can fit in a home regardless of existing decor.

The durability of oak is evident in its use throughout history, in not only floors but furniture. It is long lasting and has been preserved in homes centuries after first being installed - and with Luxury Flooring’s excellent prices, you are guaranteed to get great value for money. It is suggested that oak also improves with age, hence the availability of reclaimed oak on the market, and high value of homes with solid oak floors. Oak’s durability is also clear with its ability to resist fungus and insects well, meaning you will spend less time and money on maintenance.

Classy and smooth uniform options are available, as well as more rustic and traditional varieties. Regardless, the grain is attractive and decorative with plenty of character in all the cut varieties - so if you wish to add warmth and homeliness to your home, a solid oak floor is for you.

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