10mm Solid Wood Flooring

As 10mm is a thinner variety of solid wood flooring, it is available here in parquet blocks only. These create an elegant and vintage look in any home by creating patterns used throughout many generations, as well as being practically convenient.

Parquet flooring can be easy to replace if needed due to individual blocks used. This means the thickness won't be a problem in your home, as well as being better able to distribute weight and be less likely to become damaged from footfall.

Oak is used in these 10mm floors due to the durability of oak - evidenced by its use in furniture building and flooring for generations. It is said to improve with age, which is why reclaimed oak is so popular across the world too. 10mm is no problem for solid oak floors.

We do not recommend DIY sanding of your floor as the differing patterns can become sanded against the grain rather than with.

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