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16mm & 17mm Solid Wood Flooring

A medium thickness, 16mm or 17mm wood only comes in the finest quality materials, including the popular oak. This ensures durability despite not being very thick, as well as bamboo options that are also resilient.

Bamboo is an excellent option, as its natural properties reduce expansion, contraction or warping in wet environments, indicative of its durability. Oak is also highly durable, and lasts for hundreds of years without diminishing in character or style. We recommend choosing these options in 16mm and 17mm thicknesses to ensure your floor lasts as long as possible.

If properly maintained, with regular sweeping, vacuuming and limited damage, these floors can last just as long as thicker varieties. They can also be sanded and re-finished up to six times just in case any damaged did occur or you later decide a new finish would be attractive. This also doesn’t need to take place often - every 15 years - so the durability is clear.

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