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18mm Thick Solid Hardwood Flooring

18mm is one of the most popular thicknesses for solid wood floors. This is due to its longevity, durability, and ability to be re-sanded and re-finished many times. Although thick, there are still thicker options available which may be better in higher footfall commercial environments, however 18mm is ideal for high footfall homes.

Oak is the most popular option for these floors, and as a floor material in general. This is due to its versatility and ability to suit the many different tastes of our customers. Many different grain patterns, shades and plank sizes are available in oak, so there is guaranteed to be something for everyone in our collection.

Floors of this thickness can be sanded up to seven times in their lifespan, meaning they can last a very long time, given that sanding only needs to occur every 15 years or so. This means you can also add a different finish every 15 years after sanding if you ever feel like a new look. With the ability of oak to take staining well, you will also be impressed by the beauty of an 18mm oak wood floor.

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