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20mm - 22mm Solid Wood Flooring

Our thickest options of solid wood floors, 20mm plus thick floors are ideal for high footfall or commercial environments. They guarantee longevity and better durability, no matter what life throws at it. We recommend an oiled or lacquered solid floor in this thickness to ensure the floor is sufficiently protected to be worth the money and look good throughout its lifetime.

20mm and above solid wood floors are generally considered the highest quality flooring options on the market. As the wood is thicker, it is possible to use less durable options, such as walnut. This will help create a different look to typical or thinner wood floors, and allows greater options for your home, as well as lasting a long time. Despite this, we still primarily stock oak, thanks to the versatility of the wood in shape, style and colour.

20mm boards can be sanded and re-finished every 15 years - eight times over the floor’s lifespan, so it is likely that you will never need to change your floors again, giving you excellent value for money! If you decide to sell your home, these floors will also dramatically increase the value due to their ability to last.

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