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110-130mm Width Solid Wood Flooring

110-130mm is the most common width of solid wood flooring, considered the standard. This is due to its stability through width, which can in turn be combined with a wider variety of plank lengths without causing problems. This enables more options to be available in length as well as species, so there is more likely to be a flooring that suits your tastes.

We recommend a high quality underlay for these floors as tsolid wood can be affected by damp rising from the subfloor - an underlay with DPM built in would be best for preventing damage. Underlay also helps prevent any minor flaws in the subfloor that can affect how your floor is laid and cause squeaking. When installing, you can use floating floor, secret nailing or adhesive methods - all of which are covered in the installation guides on the installation tab on each product description.

Our most common options in this category are 120, 123, 125 and 130mm, but you can choose whichever suits your home and personal taste best. Please try free samples with different finishes to find your favourite.

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