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75-100mm Width Solid Wood Flooring

Narrow boards can help small rooms or hallways look larger, wider and longer. Many species are available to help you achieve this, such as oak, walnut and acacia. Acacia is especially popular as a narrow floor due to the shape and size of the tree, as well as random length planks as they add stability. Although narrow flooring takes longer to install, its beauty and ability to alter the dimensions of a room makes it worth it.

You will require a high quality underlay for these floors as the many joints need as much support as possible, and any minor flaws in the subfloor can be eliminated. When installing, you can use floating floor, secret nailing or adhesive methods - all of which are covered in the installation guides on the installation tab on each product description.

Common widths we stock are 73mm acacia, 75mm walnut, 90mm walnut, or 93mm acacia. To see which is best for you, please browse below and order unlimited free samples.

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