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Narrow Solid Wooden Flooring

Narrow floors are most useful in a small space or hallway, as they have the ability to make these seem larger than they really are. At the same time, they manage to be classy and attractive, as well as adding warmth and elegance to a room. We have many different sizes, shades and styles available, including single-strip and parquet options.

Narrower planks are slightly more delicate than wider alternatives, so we would recommend these in lighter footfall environments. However, as most of ours are oak, they are much more durable than those offered by some other suppliers, meaning the delicate effect is largely offset by the oak’s natural characteristics. Parquet floors however are not less durable, due to being shorter in length and a narrow width matching this.

Oak is also extremely versatile in terms of colour variation, grain pattern and other specifications, so there will be something for everyone in our narrow solid wood collection. We have other species of wood that are naturally less durable - these can be found in the wider categories as wideness preserves their limited durability.

Installation of these planks may be more time consuming given that there are more of them, regardless of whether single-strip or parquet, so consider getting a professional in to do this for you if required. A floating floor method is not recommended for narrow planks due to the fact they tend to move more than wider alternatives. Try instead a secret nailing or gluing method as found in our installation guide, found on each product page under the ‘installation’ tab.

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