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Wide Solid Wood Flooring & Wide Oak Flooring

A wide plank floor refers to any floor that is 130mm-260mm in width. These are often chosen for the dramatic aesthetic they create, and ability to create both modern or traditional Victorian looks depending on other decor in the room.

The modern or traditional aesthetic is also created by the variety of floors available. This is thanks to the majority of our wide plank floors being oak, which is a much more versatile material in terms of grain, shade and other specifications, allowing you to create almost any look you want and catering to any taste.

Wide plank floors are more durable than narrower options, and as a result are popular in rooms were high footfall is common and stability is needed. They are also easier to lay due to being less fragile and taking up more space per plank so less are required.

Reclaimed wood tends to be wide planked due to the commonality of this in time gone by. It is also more sturdy than thinner reclaimed wood, and perhaps came from an old growth forest, meaning it is naturally durable, less susceptible to warping and has already stood the test of time in another person’s home.

Wide planks that aren’t reclaimed however will shrink more than thinner planks in humid or wet conditions. For this reason, we recommend an oil or lacquer for protection, and a larger expansion gap upon installation, as well as avoiding installation in unpredictably we tor humid rooms.

Generally, wider planks offer a sense of grandeur and elegance, and should be used to create a classy and professional look in a home or commercial environment.

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