Amtico Click Smart Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Amtico have been dedicated to providing quality LVT flooring for over 50 years. Their bespoke, British-made collections promise exquisite craftsmanship and unmatched versatility. Using the latest innovation and technologies available, Amtico’s Click Smart range is incredibly easy to install. Using a technically advanced layering system, these vinyl tiles are some of the most durable on the market. Manufactured with a urethane surface, every tile is guaranteed to be resistant to daily footfall, and prove extremely low maintenance. When you install Amtico Click Smart flooring in your home, you can rest assured that your luxury vinyl tiles are built with longevity in mind. With an impressive 20 year residential warranty, Amtico are always a safe choice!

The Benefits

Amtico’s Click Smart flooring utilises a contemporary fitting system that makes installation easier to achieve compared to classical methods. Each tile is built to fit seamlessly into one another, locking into place with a simple ‘click’. As a result, LVT flooring doesn’t have to be fixed to a subfloor. This removes the need for additional adhesives, cutting down on costs. The simple design has made Click Smart tiles popular amongst DIY enthusiasts and rookies alike, becoming one of the most in demand choices of flooring available. In addition, Amtico’s clever manufacturing process reduces the maintenance required to keep your flooring looking its best. Designed to be completely waterproof, you will never have to worry about splashes and spillages damaging your new vinyl flooring!

The Choice

At Luxury Flooring, we pride ourselves on leaving you spoilt for choice. Our huge range of Amtico Click Smart luxury vinyl flooring is available in a wide variety of tile effects. The aesthetic surface layer can perfectly mimic the warm textures of solid wood, the subtle depth of natural stone, and the decorative flair of abstract flooring in realistic detail.

Alongside a brilliant choice of tile effects, our stock of Amtico LVT comes in a variety of styles, shades, and thicknesses, allowing you to meet your needs with precision.

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