Cavalio Vinyl Flooring

Cavalio offer a realistic looking, textured variety of wood and stone effect flooring, in every shade and wood species you can imagine. They are a respected and sophisticated brand that add style to a home or business regardless of the room they are placed in. Try the 0.3mm wear layer Conceptline range, and 0.55mm Wear Layer Projectline range, which are designed for homes and businesses, respectively. The thicker wear layer is intended to better support higher traffic, and demonstrates how the brand know exactly what their customers need. Cavalio has also recently released an innovative click-locking range of vinyl flooring called 'Loc', which is the definition of effortless, making installation quick and easy in any interior setting.

Both ranges available stock both wood and stone effect, so you can be sure to achieve the look you want no matter where it will be installed. They are authentic looking, and will likely fool most people who set foot in the room. Like other vinyl flooring, Cavalio is durable under wet conditions and can handle underfloor heating, helping also to eradicate the cold and hard feel of stone or wood underfoot. Whilst all are cushioned and feel much more comfortable than the real thing, they feel just the same in texture. Some are more textured than others, and some contain more natural colours whereas others are white or black. As there is something for every decor or colour scheme, the design possibilities are endless.

Cavalio is unique as their floors are made with more layers of vinyl than most manufacturers provide. this ensures stability and strength. After these layers, a photographic image is applied, and a polyurethane wear layer on top for even more durability. The floors are treated in a way that reduces slip resistant, but we still recommend cleaning up spillages as soon as they occur for maximum safety and minimum floor damage. All Calavio products have a 10 year guarantee, so you know you will get value for money without making a lifelong commitment to one look.

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