Cavalio Loc LVT

You don’t need to settle for less with Cavalio Loc. With low price, functionality, convenience and of course aesthetic beauty, these floors are a great value choice for any home. Cavalio are known for providing sophistication and a professional look and feel despite their low price, thanks in part to their realistic texture and attention to detail. They have become one of the best selling and best loved LVT brands as a result, and now the new Loc range elevates them to even greater heights. Tailored to residential and commercial properties alike, each tile utilises an easy-to-use locking system, removing the need for additional labour, expensive adhesives and spare time - effortless.

The Benefits

Everyday challenges of the home or your business will easily be met and overcome thanks to the scratch and stain resistant polyurethane surface of Cavalio Loc. The 0.55mm wear layer that resides on top of the durable and sturdy 4.5mm thick board is also guaranteed to provide a longer lifespan than other LVTs, and enables extremely low water absorption to prevent mould and mildew growth. This makes for comfortable and confident use of the flooring in kitchens and bathrooms. Add to this an impressive 19 decibel sound reduction, and you can be assured you have an all around great quality and great value flooring solution.

The Choice

There are plenty of classic and lesser known shades of wood and stone in this collection, perfect for any aesthetic you wish to create. Overall, Cavalio Loc is an excellent option for business start ups looking for something durable enough to do the job, but doesn’t require too much investment. Please order free samples to find out what would create the best effect in your space, and order now for free delivery and to take advanateg of our 28 day returns policy!

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