Chêne Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Chêne LVT is the next generation of flooring. With pioneering technologies that have revolutionised flooring solutions, they have allowed themselves to offer stronger, longer lasting and easier to install flooring in comparison to their competitors. Each LVT floor they produce is fit for when life happens, no matter where in your home or commercial space it is installed. Chêne also understand that home is where the heart is. Because of this, they utilise authentic designs that perfectly imitate natural materials but with higher quality. You are guaranteed with Chêne to create a bespoke aesthetic that enhances every room in which it is installed.

The Benefits

A Chêne floor is a floor that is built to last. As they are made with a limestone core and a hypoallergenic cork backing, they are 10 times more resistant to footfall and everyday use than standard wood plastic composite (WPC) vinyl floors. These hypoallergenic qualities also go hand in hand with the gold standard greenguard certification and A+ indoor air quality rating that come with Chêne LVTs, providing not only a healthier living environment for your family, but for the whole planet. As with standard vinyls, warping and shrinkage is prevented by the materials used in the floor, as well as water resistant qualities. In fact, Chêne vinyl is 100% waterproof for freedom to get the wood or stone look in your kitchen and bathroom, as well as conservatories which can have heat and humidity.

The Choice

As our Chêne range is ever expanding, you are sure to find many more of their ranges appear on our site over time. For the time being, we offer standard wood plank, parquet, stone and abstract effect floors in particular from the FirmFit range. Based on our research, this is the most popular and loved Chêne LVT range available, so you will not be disappointed. Please order free samples of various options so you can witness the quality for yourself up close.

Currently available ranges are listed below:

- Chêne Firmfit -

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