Chêne FirmFit Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Chêne FirmFit LVT is purpose built to stand up to everyday life. Whether you live alone, with family, children or pets, FirmFit is a guaranteed way to improve your home both functionally and aesthetically. Known as the most durable 100% waterproof flooring on the market, you will never again need to worry about spillages and splashes, even in bathrooms and kitchens! In conservatories and rooms with underfloor heating, you can also rest assured that your tiles will remain beautiful and resistant to the warmth or direct sunlight that is present in such spaces. Adding to this the authentic stone and wood designs that look and feel like the natural material, and you have an unbeatable flooring solution for your home.

The Benefits

FirmFit use the most up to date flooring technology to produce high quality LVT. For example, the specially developed quartz urethane surface layer protects against scratches and staining to ensure the gorgeous look of your floor lasts a lifetime. This isn’t an exaggeration - the warranty is for a lifetime in residential properties and an equally impressive 15 years in commercial spaces! FirmFit is also constructed with a sturdy limestone core and hypoallergenic backing, promising not only sound reduction, extra support, and 10 times more durability than standard LVT, but a more hygienic environment for your home. The environment of the planet is also catered to, with the avoidance of plasticizers such as ortho phthalates, gold award from the GreenGuard Environmental institute, and an A+ indoor air quality rating. A functional benefit of FirmFit is the effortless installation. This comes from the adhesive-less tap down click system, allowing each tile to seamlessly and securely fit to the next - including on top of existing flooring - as well as not needing to acclimatise the boards. This can save valuable time and effort compared to other floors which can take up to 2 weeks of acclimatising before being installed.

The Choice

We are proud to offer a large selection of floors from this range, from standard wood planks, to tiles and even parquet style planks. There are plenty of impressive shades that have proven popular even amongst the pickiest customers. No matter your lifestyle, taste or home requirements, we are confident therefore that there is something here for you - and for the lowest prices on the web! Please order free samples to see and feel the quality up close.

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