Fusion LVT

Fusion offer competitively priced wood and stone effect luxury vinyl tiles tat can suit either the classic or contemporary home. Each floor from Fusion Flooring offers a realistic natural look, whilst retaining the benefits of LVT. There are a variety of rare shades here that you will struggle to find in other brand collections, ensuring that when you choose a Fusion Floor, you are choosing something unique.

As a brand, Fusion focus on style and design combined with functionality - they strongly believe that one should not detract from the other. This value is embedded into their products, meaning these floors are high quality and eye-catchingly stylish, turning heads of even the most oblivious to interior design. They draw influence from the world around us to create a welcoming and up to date look in the form of classic and historic wood options, to more contemporary and modern stone styles.

Practically, Fusion LVT is ideal in domestic and commercial environments thanks to its ability to handle heavy traffic, and the R10 slip resistance rating these floors have been awarded. This rating means they are ideal in envionrment that aren't constantly wet, but are prone to spillages that could cause a hazard. This means they are ideal in rooms where spillages occur, there are vulnerable people, or there are children running around. In commercial spaces, this can include lobbies, hallways and shop floors that can be made wet by shoes or umbrellas for example, and in the home, this can include hallways, kitchens, toilets and bathrooms in which feet are first placed on a bathmat.

Whatever the envionrment, these floors will fit in in both style and functionality - browse the range below to find your ideal style.

Find both wood and stone effect ranges below:

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