Karndean Flooring

Karndean are the world leading LVT manufacturer, who aim to create floors that are easy to look after and look at. They have products in a wide variety of styles, shades and sizes, making them suitable for modern, traditional, home or commercial environments - whatever your taste. They are also washable and fully waterproof, making them ideal in bathrooms and kitchens were there are often messy spillages or water on the floor.

There are a variety of ranges available all with different specifications and styles, and we stock the most popular. Most of the ranges are named after famous artists to represent how much Karndean value design. The 3mm Art Select style is thick with a deep wear layer, and comes in parquet, slate, stone or wooden effects. The 3mm Da Vinci range also offers wood, limestone and ceramic options, creating elegance in any home. The thinner Opus range offers traditional options in the form of wood and stone, at 2.5mm. Knight Tile is a thinner 2mm range, that is both affordable and popular, and allows you to create affordable elegance with either stone, slate or wood aesthetics. Michelangelo is a 2.5mm range, and uses a artistic and textured Mediterranean style on mosaic pavement and lava stone tiles for example - these are sure to give your home an eye catching look. Also eye catching is the 3mm Van Gogh collection, which uses various hardwood effects like oak, birch and walnut that range from whitewashed to ebony and everything in between.

Some thicker options include the Palio Click range, which specialises in mottled and subtle colours, and uses a 4.5mm thickness for warmth and comfort underfoot, and a better ability to handle heavy footfall. Looselay also uses a 4.5mm thickness for the same benefits, but stylistically is more suited to business environments due to the classic wood and stone finishes.

For an easy to clean and varied range of flooring, from classic to unique and eye-catching, Karndean is the brand for you. Our LVT products are cheaper than anywhere else on the web thanks to our price match promise - order free samples today to see the quality of the products up close.

See the links below for each range:

- Karndean Art Select - Karndean Da Vinci - Karndean Knight Tile - Karndean Korlok - Karndean Looselay - Karndean Michelangelo - Karndean Opus - Karndean Opus Enhance - Karndean Palio Clic - Karndean Van Gogh -

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