Lifestyle Vinyl Tiles

Lifestyle have been in the industry a very long time, and are well known and respected worldwide. They understand that value for money is important, and so offer a generously priced range of LVT that will suit every taste or space. This includes a range of colours, styles and designs, that are all highly durable - most are 5mm thick, with some even 6.5mm!

Due to their thickness, lifestyle floors can be used in homes with children that run around a lot, or homes with large footfall. They can also be used in commercial environments - considering there is a 30 year guarantee on some products, this will help out in business costs in the long term. The guarantee ensures heavy furniture and footfall won’t affect the look and quality of your floor for that length of time. Lifestyle floors are overall useful if your family is growing, or if you simply want value for money with a long lasting and durable floor.

Lifestyle LVT will make a home or commercial space much softer, warmer and more comfortable underfoot in comparison to other materials. There are also soundproofing, scratch-resistance and moisture and stain resistant qualities embedded within the vinyl. Stylistically, the tile and wood effects are highly realistic, meaning you get the ultimate functionality and attractiveness for all price ranges. There is something for everyone no matter your place on the property ladder, giving you peace of mind that you have made the right decision for your new floor!

Find all the gorgeous ranges from Lifestyle Floors below:

- Lifestyle Colosseum - Lifestyle Colosseum 5G Click - Lifestyle Colosseum PEC - Lifestyle Galleria - Lifestyle Palace - Lifestyle Palace 5G -
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