Luvanto Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luvanto is fast becoming one of the best loved LVT brands on the market in both the UK and Ireland. Their unique PVC composition makes them extra tough, including a scratch resistant photographic wear layer. This is alongside stunningly realistic visuals and low maintenance, creating an overall well rounded vinyl floor that is good value for money. With a wide colour palette available and plenty of varied stone and wood effects to choose from, affordable luxury is a given.

The Choice

There are three LVT ranges under the Luvanto brand; Design, Click and Endure. These serve different purposes that all have their benefits. Design, for instance, is popular amongst those simply looking for a low priced and high quality vinyl - this is the entry level range for floor buyers. Click on the other hand is best for DIY enthusiasts looking to save money and time on installation. It is also a tad thicker than Design for added longevity for those with medium to high footfall. Endure does this moreso however, with an incredible 6mm thickness, and aimed at those wishing for an even longer lasting floor or one that can handle homes or commercial spaces with heavy footfall. This range also has acoustic backing for extra sound installation, which comes in handy if you have a busy office or children running about the home.

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