Luvanto Click Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Being one of the UK and Ireland’s favourite LVT brands, you know you are sure to receive an excellent product when it comes to Luvanto. The incredible stability combined with the generously low price makes their popularity no surprise, and the Click range is no exception. Luvanto Click has helped make vinyl flooring more accessible, with self-installation an activity of ease for all, and one that takes less time and money than glue down alternatives. When you consider the additional benefit of visual impeccability, it is hard to find another luxury vinyl tile that can win over Luvanto Click.

The Benefits

With the click installation method eliminating the need for costly adhesive, these floors are perfect for those looking to save money to renovate other areas of their home. This doesn’t mean these floors are any less stable however, and in fact is more beneficial if you make mistakes while installing, wish to change where they are laid (e.g. if you move home and wish to take the flooring with you) or don’t wish to bring in a fitter to install the flooring for you. For those busier than they would like, be assured than click fitting a floor takes no time at all, and can be done in as little as one evening. DIY amateurs and experts alike have made this floor a popular option as a result. To add to this, the realism of Luvanto flooring is incredible, making it difficult to tell whether you have an authentic natural floor or not. This is due to the photographic wear layer, which lies on top of a PVC backing, which is waterproof, useable in direct sunlight, durable and highly slip resistant - perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories.

Whether you prefer the warm, homely grain of oak or the classy and elegant look of marble, we have chosen to stock all possible varieties to ensure you can make the perfect choice for you and your home.

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