Luvanto Design Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Design is Luvanto’s most popular range, and one of the most requested of any LVT brand. Not only do Luvanto offer a highly attractive and well-structured floor as standard, but they are affordable for any budget. Luvanto Design is a common sense choice for any home, and is sure to please both yourself and guests.

The Benefits

In combining the strong and stable PVC backing with the elegant photographic wear (surface) layer, you will get all the style of a natural stone or wood product minus the expensive and time-consuming maintenance. Since this range is highly regarded for its realism and low maintenance even by LVT standards, uncompromised quality is a guarantee without any undue effort on your part whatsoever. Luvanto also advertise this range as being mix-and-match friendly, meaning others from this range can be combined to create your own individual look. Please feel free to order free samples to experiment with this concept yourself. Luvanto Design is overall perfect for those looking for a quality entry-level vinyl, or for those with creativity and wishing to bring in a touch of unique character to their home.

The Choice

Not dissimilar to other Luvanto floors, the Design range is available on both wood and stone replicas, allowing you to create different looks in different rooms with a consistent level of quality and maintenance throughout the home. Whether you are looking for a traditional country cottage look or a contemporary modern city-living feel, this range has it all.

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