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Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are highly durable, mimic wood, stone and tile accurately and attractively, and are practical in more environments that most flooring. There are different thicknesses and sizes available for use in home and commercial environments, as well as different styles to match any décor or taste.

The floors in this section are easy to clean, are suitable with underfloor heating, retain heat well, resist moisture damage, and reduce excessive noise. This is unlike many of the authentic materials they emulate, meaning vinyl is not only more practical, but more affordable then alternatives.

We stock flooring from the biggest LVT brands, including Quickstep, Polyflor and TLC. Our price match promise ensures you will not find these prestigious products elsewhere cheaper, and if you do, we will beat any quote by at least 25 euros.

The first artificial flooring tiles were created in the late 1800s and consisted of rubber that was susceptible to staining and deteriorated fast with cleaning products and atmospheric chemicals. As they were durable and easy to install and maintain however, PVC was discovered and made as an alternative in the mid 1900s. These became popular rapidly due to their attractive appearance, practicality in the modern home, and affordability.

Vinyl flooring these days in available also in commercial environments, and includes a much wider and realistic looking choice of designs. They also incorporate additional protective layers for better longevity, UV protection, and scratch and stain resistance.

If you want a practical, affordable and realistic wood/stone/tile effect in your home or commercial space, vinyl is ideal. We stock a wide ranges of designs at different prices, so no matter who you are of whatever your taste, you will find your perfect floor here.

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