Moduleo Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Moduleo are a breath of fresh air when it comes to LVT. They specialise in combining realistic natural material replicas with innovative technology to provide hundreds of individual designs that won’t break the bank. Each plank also has a rugged durability in order to create a well-rounded and affordable product suited to all kinds of home owners. Their innovation and consistent high quality can be traced to their IVC Group ownership, whom also produce commercial flooring of which Moduleo’s incredible durability is inspired by. What further makes Moduleo different is that each tile is exhaustively tested to reduce errors in the production process, and plenty of research is undertaken to ensure your favourite styles, shades and specifications are satisfied. Looking to nature, fashion and travel for influence, you can expect unique tones, textures and moods when installing Moduleo flooring in your home.

The Benefits

One major benefit of Moduleo is their ‘green’ credentials. Each floor is made in a specially designed facility that adheres to strict EU pollution regulations, to avoid both air and water pollution. Planks and tiles in each range are also made up of minimum 50% recycled materials of verified origin, so you can rest assured you are not contributing to damage to the planet like many other LVT brands. The floors also come with a Protectonite PU wear layer, creating scratch and stain resistance, protection against chemicals, and greatly reducing general wear and tear. This all increases longevity, particularly in challenging environments such as those with high footfall, children or pets. Moduleo LVT additionally helps provide sound and heat installation, helping out your neighbours and your wallet!

We have chosen to offer all the Moduleo ranges currently on the market to give you maximum choice in specification and design. Take a deeper look at each range available below to find out which is best for you:

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