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Nest Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Nest is Luxury Flooring's own vinyl flooring brand. Because it is made close to home and requires no middlemen, we can pass the savings on to you and offer speedy delivery, without sacrificing quality! We have a style to suit everybody's needs, including wood, stone and tile effects, so please browse the collection and order free samples to see how beautiful they are up close.

Nest was created for the adventurers, travellers and dreamers of the world, and our varied choices of flooring aims to replicate that.

The availability of wood, stone and tile means you can create a classic, modern, rustic or sophisticated look in your home. We have 15 shade varieties to choose from, ranging from classic to contemporary, but our most popular options are the oak, grey and stone varieties. Why not order a free sample to find out why? These floors are so versatile that changing decor in future won’t be a problem - anything will suit them.

If you opt for a click option that doesn’t require adhesive, you can also take up the flooring and use it elsewhere, perfect if you are moving house in the future and want to take the flooring with you! Adhesive however will be more stable on the floor, and you can buy adhesive in our accessories section to help you with this. We also sell both bevelled and square edge options, as we know our customers have different preferences.

We created this brand by listening to what customers want, and providing what we feel is missing form the market. As a result, these floors are durable, beautiful and high quality - don’t be fooled by the low price! Since we operate online and produce Nest ourselves, there are reduce costs in shipping and production - and for our customers too. See the 1.5mm range for some of the cheapest flooring you will be able to find on the web. Even our thicker options are relatively cheap, perfect for decorating a high traffic area on a budget.

Find all the Nest LVT ranges below:

- Nest Click - Nest GS Line - Nest Parquet - Nest Rigid Core -

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