Polyflor Vinyl Tiles

For a premium and well-respected LVT brand, Polyflor is an excellent option. their tile and wood effect flooring is highly realistic, and perfect for those who want the look of the real thing without the hassle. They are not only realistic in look, but also texture, making them perfect for impressing guests in your home and creating a sophisticated aesthetic. Along with more natural tones, wood LVT is available in white or grey, and stone is available in slate, concrete or marble effects to cater to your taste.

All 4 Polyflor ranges we offer are washable, waterproof, and offer ultimate protection and durability. The Camaro range is highly popular, hard wearing, and affordable. It is square edges and offers elegant slate and stone finishes. Colonia is also affordable yet stylish, and uses wood finishes with slightly larger plank sizes that what is normal. Expona Commercial is known for the unusual colours and surfaces, and comes in both affordable wood and stone styles. Finally, Expona Design is an extra thick option, which offers maximum comfort, warmth and durability. Because of this, there is a slightly higher price tag, but the quality, longevity, suitability to commercial spaces, and eye-catching designs make up for this.

Find each range using the links below:

- Polyflor Camaro - Polyflor Camaro Loc - Polyflor Colonia - Polyflor Encore Rigid Loc PUR - Polyflor Expona Commercial - Polyflor Expona Control - Polyflor Expona Design -

Also check out Polyflor's range of feature strips to finish off the floor with style: Polyflor Feature Strips

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