TLC Flooring

TLC flooring helps you add style into your home through wood and stone effects. There are some parquet options available, realistic floors, and more stylistic twists on natural materials that can give a home personality.

The True Minerals collection is realistic stone range, whereas True Forest is a realistic wood range. Loc offers realistic wood and stone effects too, but in a thicker 4.5mm rather than 2mm, making it more suited to commercial and high traffic environments and longer lasting, but also costing more as a result. Massimo offers more unusual and unique wood and stone options, with different effects such as distressed or washed looks, but still a realistic impact. Finally, Massimo Invent provides a range of parquet options, with more than just the classic herringbone and chevron styles.

If you want a high durability vinyl flooring with moisture resistance and realistic natural images, then choose a TLC floor today - we are the cheapest retailer of TLC products on the web!

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- TLC Loc - TLC Massimo - TLC Massimo Invent - TLC True Forest - TLC True Minerals -
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