Karndean Art Select Flooring

Karndean Art Select vinyl flooring is deeper and softer than some other ranges, at an overall thickness of 3mm, with a 0.70mm wear layer. This helps to confer an additional warmth and softness to the feel of the flooring underfoot. Since they are also all fully washable and waterproof, Art Select vinyl flooring solutions are ideal for any environment.

The Art Select range is made by the world's leading producer of luxury vinyl tiles, and is available in many different shades, sizes and themes. Karndean's Art Select range presents a variety of tiles in some very stylish slate and stone finishes, together with a broad spectrum of wood planking effects, with a particular emphasis on parquet.

Parquet flooring can be laid in sections with small, rectangular tiles, at 228mm x 76mm, which can be placed in an offset or herringbone style, or in larger sections of 915mm square which incorporate both large squares and smaller rectangles in a Pythagorean tiling technique. Large single colour squares in marble effect are also available at 406mm.

maller tiles with correspondingly more apparent join lines can contribute to the impression that a room is too fussy or busy, so a parquet style is recommended for a large room like a games room or gym. The Art Select range offers a broad spectrum of oak finishes, such as the Russet, Spring or Dusk Oak tones, available in traditional and herringbone layout, which are great design choices for a larger area.

In a smaller room, however, you may prefer to choose a solid stone finish, which could help to set off fixtures and fittings without detracting from their elegance. The Art Select Travertine theme comes in a variety of sizes, and in shades from cream to beige, with a mottled effect which helps to disguise any apparent join lines and will blend in with many styles of décor. Match it with soft furnishings in your living room, or lay it in a bathroom for a surface that won’t show splashes or scuffs.

For a larger kitchen or bathroom you might try the elegant slate and marble designs, like the Canberra or the Oakeley: these dark, rectangular offset tiles contrast very well with modern cabinetry in stainless steel or bold colours, and the larger size and apparent join lines help to increase the impression of greater space.

In the living room or dining room you might choose to opt for the warmth and comfort of wood. The Art Select range offers a spectrum of light, warm and dark oak finishes in a planking tile format, so that you can choose your shade to match your décor. In addition, there are some more unusual finishes such as the Handcrafted Hickory, in spicy shades of Peppercorn, Paprika or Nutmeg.

To get Karndean Flooring design strips to match, see our accessories section: Vinyl Design and Feature Strips.

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