Opus Enhance

Karndean are arguably the most respected and well loved LVT brand in the industry. Boasting 40 years of experience, their technological innovations in relation to flooring solutions have become industry standards, and their name has become a symbol for innovation, imagination and inspiration. They improve the dynamic of any residential or commercial space with ease, and Opus Enhance is no exception. This range takes their passion for excellence and will to please customers to the next level. The floors were made with commercial properties in mind, meaning they are purpose built to withstand the heavy footfall and varied experiences of a coffee shop, hotel or nightclub.

The Benefits

Each Opus Enhance tile has an R12 slip resistance rating to reduce the risk of accidents - a higher rating than many safety flooring solutions offer - but without compromising the realistic wood and stone look and natural feeling textured effect. The 0.55mm wear layer allows these floors to take on high footfall without wearing down too quickly, and in fact guarantees a 12 year commercial guarantee as a result. As with other LVTs, these floors remain easy to clean and highly versatile, and are waterproof for use in bathrooms. The R12 rating helps in bathrooms too, aided by the polyurethane surface that adds grip underfoot. Opus Enhance is also 100% free of phthalates and uses recycled materials in its production to help it remain as eco-friendly as possible.

The Choice

You may have noticed the floors in this range match those in the regular Opus range. This is because Karndean listened to the high demand of this well received range and adapted it to suit more demanding commercial needs. You have the freedom to get as creative as you like, with wood and stone effects of multiple dimensions and tile effects to create the atmosphere your space needs. Please call us if you have any questions about anything in our Karndean range.

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