Karndean Van Gogh Vinyl

Karndean Van Gogh vinyl flooring is made by the world's leading producer of luxury vinyl tiles, and is available in many different shades, sizes and themes. The Van Gogh range offers wood planking vinyl tiles in a variety of hardwood effects, such as oak, walnut and birch.

At an overall thickness of 3mm, with a 0.55mm wear layer, the Van Gogh is a medium thickness tile which comes in a substantially larger wood planking format at 1219mm x 178mm. Since they are also all fully waterproof and washable, Van Gogh vinyl flooring solutions are ideal for any environment. The Van Gogh range offers a broad spectrum of hardwood finishes, in colours to suit any existing or proposed decoration scheme. These make a perfect foil for any room, as the shades range from pale oak to ebony, with many rich browns in between.

The Van Gogh White Washed Oak tile, for example, has the characteristics of oak but has an old-fashioned look, as if the floorboards have been painted. This is an ideal choice for a room where the impression of purity and cleanliness is paramount, like a laundry room, perhaps, or storage area.

Other light but not so white shades include French Oak and Birch, and the slightly darker-toned Distressed Oak and Frosted Birch. These relatively neutral wood colours are ideal for offices and practical rooms, and they will blend nicely with metals and muted colours.

Wood can also be warm and comforting, and the richer and darker the tone, the warmer and more comforting it becomes. For studies, cosy living rooms and bedrooms, you may want to choose a robust, seasoned shade such as Smoked Oak or Vintage Pine, while a stylish contrast to bright colours could be achieved with a really dark wood finish like Ebony or Brushed Oak.

Karndean Vinyl Flooring sources its designs from all round the world, and the Van Gogh range focuses on woods from the southern hemisphere, especially Australia and New Zealand. Styles include the beautiful yellow-toned Auckland Oak, Reclaimed Maple and Antique Karri. These mid-coloured wood finishes are light and clean, offering a good foil for fixtures in contrasting wood tones, or for soft furnishings or ceramics in white. They make an ideal selection for a bathroom, for instance, and are also easy to clean and waterproof.

Also in the Van Gogh range are some more unusual finishes, such as the dark Aged Kauri, a native New Zealand tree named by the Maori, which has a combination of colours from darkened wood to almost charred, and can look very striking in a large room. A similar effect can be achieved with the exotic Burnt Ginger, again with a variable colour range suggesting charring, which looks very effective in larger areas.

To get Karndean Flooring design strips to match, see our accessories section: Vinyl Design and Feature Strips.

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