Walnut LVT

Walnut vinyl flooring delivers the rich sophistication of a variety of walnut species without the drawbacks associated with traditional natural materials. Each tile utilises a combination of technically progressive manufacturing techniques, innovative designs, and precise craftsmanship to deliver unfaltering performance and a striking appearance to match. Our collection of LVT imitates the sleek, streamlined aesthetic of real walnut in high definition with a photorealistic aesthetic wear layer. Alongside this, low maintenance is guaranteed with a unique PVC composition and polyurethane coating. This allows for scratch and stain resistance, easy cleaning, and installation above underfloor heating without compromise.

The Benefits

Real walnut flooring is highly decorative, but can often be susceptible to warping and shrinkages in areas of moisture and fluctuating humidity. With our walnut vinyl flooring, you can get the bespoke look and feel of 100% hardwood without having to worry about movement, damages, or buckling. Each tile remains waterproof in any interior setting, and will remain stable in heat and direct sunlight. Because of this, you’re sure to receive incredible results in bathrooms, kitchens, and conservatories. Additionally, LVT helps to reduce energy costs within your home, providing heat and sound insulation once installed. This means that you can spend more time undisturbed, and less time with the heating on.

The Choice

At Luxury Flooring, we do everything we can to supply the highest quality flooring with the best availability and the lowest prices. No matter what type of walnut you love, you’re sure to find everything you need with our impressive collection of vinyl flooring.

Alongside a wide variety of walnut species, we offer a choice of styles, shades, and tile dimensions, giving you everything you need to get the interior of your dreams. Want to try our tiles before you buy? No problem! Order one of our unlimited free samples today, and see why we’re so loved amongst our previous customers.

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