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Click Vinyl Flooring

The flooring in this collection is easy and fast to install and can be done yourself, whether you are a seasoned DIY professional or a beginner. That is because these floors use a click joining system that simply locks together, meaning you can save money doing it yourself instead of hiring a fitter.

Click joining systems are sturdy and keep the floor stable – this is useful in high footfall areas that experience lots of impact or use. As the tiles click together tightly, you also won’t be able to notice the joins, making the floor seem seamless, professionally installed, and more like the authentic material it emulates. This will also help prevent water seeping between the tiles and damaging the floor underneath.

Another benefit of click flooring is that it is easy to remove, so if a plank becomes damaged, requires deep cleaning, you need to fix a problem with the subfloor, or you are just moving house, this can be easily achieved. This is difficult to achieve with floors laid with adhesive. Reinstallation is also easy with click flooring, and again can be completed by anyone.

There are a wide variety of floors in this range, from tile to stone to wood effect and all the most popular shades. Vinyl is easy to clean, durable, comfortable, cushioned and warm underfoot. It is suitable with underfloor heating and can be used in conservatories, bathrooms or rooms where spillages occur like kitchens without warping or shrinking like natural alternatives. They are also stain and slip resistant and come in a variety of thicknesses – whether you are decorating a business or a home with children running around, you can rest assured that a sturdy click vinyl floor can handle it!

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